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Prevent the trouble of easy disconnection of belt conveyor joints

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-23
The belt conveyor is one of the mechanical equipment that must be used in our construction projects and major factories. Everyone is as familiar with it as the more popular screening machinery such as vibrating screens, but the belt conveyor also has its own inability to overcome For example, its conveyor joints are prone to breakage. The non-problem of breakage is very unpleasant. If we do not eliminate these faults in time, serious consequences may cause the entire belt conveyor to be unusable and affect us. The progress of the project has a very bad influence on our factory. So how to solve or in other words, how to prevent the problem of belt loading conveyor joint disconnection? Don't worry, machinery has a coup. 1. When mechanically connected, the joint strength can only reach 40-50% of the belt strength. When the quality of cold glue is better, the joint strength can reach 60-70%, and the hot glue joint strength can reach 80-90% . 2. The strength of the joint is relatively low. If the bonding method is incorrect, the strength of the joint will be even lower. 3. When in use, the joint part is prone to disconnect. 4. If the conveyor belt does not use sealing glue, or the direction of the glue joint is wrong, the joints are prone to cracking. The above four methods can basically solve similar problems. If you have any good comments or suggestions, you are welcome to communicate with us.
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