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Precision mobile conveyor belt line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-19
Belt line precision and precision mobile mobile conveyor modular belt conveyor. Merger goal is to create applications for industry bring more flexibility and functionality. Designed for mobile medium to large parts, precision, batch processing, and flexible layout. Precision mobile conveyor belt assembly line is heavy parts conveying equipment. It has a variety of design and configuration, can adapt to all kinds of application! Precision mobile network platform to provide timing belt and belt transmission technology, low profile of the progress of the belt conveyor. This product is very suitable for assembly, manufacturing and packaging industry, these industries require at a certain time, distance and interval to achieve product extremely precise mobile. Pick up machine integration, for example, robot, precision indexing, positioning precision parts, timing transmission, visual inspection and plank or wide parts processing, provide new functions and precise mobile products. Consists of synchronous belt, integrated servo motor and drive, gear motor control and installation. It is + / - 。 20' The accuracy of the bandwidth for 18 & throughout; And can be installed in a maximum flexibility to direct parts or tray/disc. Belt precision moving conveyor line unique installation method is + / - 。 005' Precision. This makes the belt moving precision conveyor line for accurate alignment of time and distance process provides the ideal automation solutions.
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