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Precautions for the use of power roller conveyor bearings

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-22
Precautions for the use of power roller conveyor bearings Roller conveyor roller bearings are delicate parts, and improper use will not achieve the expected high performance. The precautions for the use of the bearing are as follows: 1. Keep the roller bearing and its surroundings clean, and keep the area around the roller clean to prevent dust from entering the bearing. 2. Avoid violently impacting the bearing during use, which will cause scars and indentations to become the cause of the accident. Under severe conditions, cracks and cracks may occur. 3. Appropriate operating tools must be used to avoid replacing existing ones. 4. Pay attention to the rust of the bearing. Hand sweat will become the cause of rust when operating the bearing. Be careful to operate with clean hands and try to wear gloves. 5. The user should understand the roller conveyor bearings, make up for the timing of the smoothing agent, and formulate the operating standards for the use of the bearings; 1. Precautions before the bearing device of the power roller conveyor 1. The preparation of the bearings is because the roller bearings are treated and treated by rust prevention. Packaging, so do not open the packaging before installation. In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the roller bearings has outstanding smoothness. For general-purpose bearings or bearings filled with smooth grease, they can be used directly without cleaning. The bearings are simply rusty and cannot be stored for a long time. 2. Inspection of shaft and shell. Clean the shaft and shell, and firmly believe that there is no scar or burr left by machining. There must be no grinding (Sic, AI204, etc.) molding sand, cutting chips, etc. in the shell. Secondly, check whether the dimensions, shape, and processing quality of the shaft and the shaft shell are consistent with the drawings. 2. Reasons for the failure and failure of the power roller loading conveyor Because the structure and application of the rolling bearing of the power roller conveyor are different, the reasons for its failure are diversified. Mainly include: poor installation, poor smoothness, overload, impact, vibration, abrasive or harmful liquid intrusion, excessive or low ambient temperature, raw material defects, low manufacturing precision, and the effect of stray current.
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