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Precautions for installation of power roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-24
Today, the roller conveyor manufacturer will give you a brief introduction about the precautions for installing the power roller conveyor, hoping to help you. The power roller conveyor has its own driving device. May wish to use other conveying equipment to form a large conveying system to complete the complicated conveying process. The installation process of the power roller loading conveyor should pay attention to the following points:    1. Install the power roller conveyor to check whether the center line of the rotating cylinder and the axis of the conveyor are perpendicular to each other. If not, you need to adjust quickly. In addition, install the power roller. When the screw is loose, check whether the screw has not changed. If it is loose, adjust it quickly, because the strengthening of the bearing is determined by the screw. If the screw is loose, the bearing will not be strengthened. .  2. When installing the power roller, pay attention to the stable landing of the cylinder and stick to a horizontal position. If I find that the power roller is inclined more than 5 degrees, then I need to adjust it quickly.  3. The filling method and number of the power drum cylinder, and the power of the power drum refueling package are also important factors that affect the efficiency of the power drum. The cooling oil of the power roller should account for more than one-third of that of the power roller, because when the power roller is moving, there must be a certain amount of surplus.  4. It is necessary to usually check whether the parts of the power roller conveyor are worn or not. If there are obstacles, stop working immediately, check the mechanical obstacles, and start working after repairing them. It is also necessary to check whether the wires and cables are damaged, otherwise it will be quite dangerous if the electricity is found. The above is for the installation of the power roller conveyor. The roller conveyor manufacturer will introduce you here, and we will see you next time.
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