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Precautions during the use of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-28
Screw loading conveyor is a conveying equipment used to convey powdery and granular materials. Various bearings work in dust. Therefore, the correct use of screw conveyor under such working conditions is particularly important. So what is the correct way to use the screw conveyor? The screw conveyor can only be started when there is no material and debris in the casing.  1) After starting the motor, observe the current, if it is found to be normal, feed the screw conveyor. 2) When feeding, the feeding speed should be gradually increased to reach the rated conveying capacity. The feeding should be uniform and the filling quantity should be maintained. Try to avoid intermittent feeding, otherwise it will easily cause the conveying of the material. Accumulation, overload of the drive device, will reduce the service life of the conveyor.  3) In order to prevent metal debris from entering the box of the screw loading conveyor, causing the bearing of the whole machine to be stuck and twisted, the feed port of the screw conveyor should be added with a screen. Before starting the machine, cover the box of the screw conveyor and not remove it when the machine is running to ensure personal stability and prevent dust from flying.  4) When the screw conveyor is running, always pay attention to the size of the current fluctuation, and solve the cause in time. 5) Feeding should be stopped before the screw conveyor is shut down, and the machine can only be shut down after the material in the casing is unloaded. There can be no large and hard materials in the input materials to avoid screw jams and damage to the screw conveyor.  6) The connecting parts of the screw conveyor should not have dust and air leakage, and its tightness should be maintained.  7) When using the screw conveyor, you should always check the working conditions of the various parts of the screw conveyor, pay attention to whether the fasteners are loose, and tighten them in time. Inspect the screw conveyor before starting up:   1) The remaining oily materials and debris in the tank should be cleaned up if any.   2) Whether the tightness of the transmission chain and the tooth clearance of the gears are adjusted properly, and should be adjusted if they are not suitable.   3) Whether the lubricating oil in the bearing is sufficient, otherwise, add new oil to the standard.  4) Is the inlet and outlet unobstructed? If it is blocked, clean it up.  5) Whether there is any loose place between the connecting bolts of the box body and the anchor bolts, and the places found to be not tightened should be tightened.
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