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Power roller line load transfer will be affected by what

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-02
In the design of the power roller line, it has applied to the roller, this product according to the requirements of different roller line, roller production is also different. In power roller line, the curve of the roller design, mainly in order to be able to at the time of transportation, let the goods can be turning. Short roller can shorten the roller spacing, of course, let the weight of the transportation equipment is lighter, so when the heavier items, you can use their power, to push ourselves forward, so also is very effort! Power roller line transmission effect, of course, and it also have a relationship, it is not reasonable if the design point of view, will also affect its transmission effect. In the use of public power roller, if it appears the stalling, most reason is because the circuit or is the fault of the machine and cause; So before use, need to check the power roller used by the application of conveying equipment is normal, the circuit for maintenance, to ensure that there is no problem, after use. , of course, in addition to the above reasons, and may be because the power cylinder seals appeared on the cover is damaged, if is to check out this problem, so in a timely manner for processing, so it can avoid using problems later. But small make up here is to recommend, timely inspection on power roller and replace, so for loss in the power roller can also be reduced
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