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Power roller food conveying machinery equipment safety operation guide

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-05
At home today because of the big small and medium-sized enterprises streamline production, productivity development in the enterprise constantly increase investment at the same time, will also be faced with various production industry needed to transport food conveyor equipment, this needs in food conveyor design research and development, material quality and the performance of the conveyor's stability has a higher request. With the innovation of new production technology development in our country, food production enterprises in order to save production time, improve the level of production, widely used food production line roller conveyor. Roller and power as the main component of food conveyor, power in the food conveyor roller running operations, in order to ensure production workers and the safety of transportation equipment, the staff should be in strict accordance with the conveying machinery operation process, to standardize the operation: first, when the power roller conveyor food in carries on the operation of the assembly line production process, workers don't put hands into between rollers, otherwise it will cause very serious and even endanger their life safety production accident; Second, the workers prepare for food material conveying, check the power roller roller bend sag if happen, as well as the installation of roller track whether there is a bending deformation, the joint of conveyor roller track and support components, screw loose phenomenon, if there is the case, want to stop in time and in a timely manner to adjust; Third, in the food production in assembly line production, homework personnel shall not put the tools, groceries on the conveyor roller; Fourth, when the conveyor equipment ready to open, observe whether the power roller drum rotating flexible, have special obvious abnormal sound; Fifth, when the production operation personnel and start conveyor equipment, to check the delivery of food materials and tooling plate to the assembly line is normal operation. Sixth, production personnel should convey the production materials, the intermediate position of the light on food conveying machinery, lest cause material deviating from the drum drum that strong impact and damage happens; Seventh, in entering conveyor production line workers, should be in before mount guard after food safety training of enterprise knowledge qualified to enter production line for homework.
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