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Power roller conveyor for food

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-05
In today's global economy development, manufacturing and logistics transportation equipment industry to truly revitalization, the key is to cut down the cost of delivery. To solve this problem, however, need to think about a problem: exactly what factors, makes the production cost of transportation industry high for a long time? Now we will learn about the power roller food conveyor equipment. Power roller food conveyor can be divided into: product put roller conveyor and single conveyor two types. Product put roller food conveyor is mainly used for product assembly, install blocking power roller food conveyor line body can be used instead of times speed chain conveyor, without external force is needed to power conveyor transmission; Single machine is mainly used in the production operation, the transfer of production materials. Power roller food conveyor running security and stability, and can save energy and can be applied to different food production lines. Power can also according to the different capacity of drum drum, length, etc. , can choose to use single or double row of chain sprocket type type driving drum, can according to the drum of km transport single drum mix into the bearing surface, making the whole conveyor in terms of maintenance, as easily and quickly. The design of the power cylinder orange structure simple, the production operation running stable and reliable performance, easy to install, repair and manufacturing is also very convenient, and also has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise. More overload capacity is strong, impact resistance, small inertia moment, suitable for lifting and are frequently, the characteristics of the reverse operation. Power roller food conveyor roller can be driven by the motor reducer end of the chain wheel, the smooth delivery of goods, high rate of 60 meters per minute, and can be configured frequency conversion to adjust speed, especially suitable for transmission of all kinds of box body, thereby saving a lot of manpower and forklift equipment.
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