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Power roller conveyor classification and product characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-22
In today's global economic development, the most important thing for production enterprises and the logistics and transportation equipment industry to truly revitalize is to reduce the cost of transportation. However, to solve this problem, we need to think about a question: What are the factors that make the cost of the production and transportation industry high for a long time? Now let us explain the power roller conveyor equipment. Power roller conveyor is an important kind of roller conveyor. It is often used in horizontal or slightly inclined upward transmission lines. The driving device transmits the power to the drum to rotate, and conveys the articles through the friction between the surface of the drum and the surface of the conveyed articles. According to the driving mode, there are separate driving and group driving. Each roller of the former is equipped with a separate driving device for easy disassembly. The latter is a group of several rollers driven by a driving device to reduce equipment cost. The transmission modes of group drive include gear transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission. Power roller conveyors are generally driven by AC motors, and can be driven by two-speed motors and hydraulic motors as required. Power roller conveyor can be divided into two types: accumulation roller loading conveyor and single chain conveyor. The power roller food conveyor is mainly used for product assembly. The power roller food conveyor line body installation blocker can replace the double-speed chain conveyor, while the unpowered conveyor requires external force for transmission; the single-chain conveyor is mainly used During production operations, the transportation of production materials. The design of the power roller is simple, the production operation performance is stable and reliable, and it is easy to manufacture, maintenance and installation are also very convenient, and at the same time it has the characteristics of high efficiency and low noise. It also has the characteristics of strong overload capacity, impact resistance, small moment of inertia, and is suitable for frequent lifting and forward and reverse rotation. The power roller conveyor drives the sprocket at one end of the roller through a motor reducer, so that the goods can be conveyed smoothly. The maximum speed can reach 60 meters per minute. The speed can be adjusted by configuring the frequency conversion speed control. It is especially suitable for the transportation of various boxes. , Thus saving a lot of manpower and forklift power roller conveyor running safe and stable, and can save energy, can be applied to various food production and transportation lines. The power roller can also be driven by a single-row sprocket or a double-row sprocket according to the different carrying capacity and length of the roller, and the single roller of the roller can be combined into a transport bearing surface according to the kilometer, so that the entire conveyor In terms of maintenance, it becomes easier and faster. equipment. Power rollers are used in a wide range, and are usually made on equipment such as conveying facilities, flippers, curved conveying devices, buffers, etc. Therefore, the power roller food conveyor can fully meet the production and processing needs of different types of food. Food companies move into automated production more flexibly.
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