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Points to note when using belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-30
Problems to be noted when using belt conveyors. Belt conveyors are one of the commonly used conveyors. This machine has a wide range of applications and can be widely used in food, mining, metallurgy, coal, construction, power plants, docks and other industries. During the process, when the roller and the belt rub against the temperature to exceed the limit, the detection device installed close to the roller will send out an over-temperature signal. After receiving the signal, the motor will be cut off after a delay of 3s, and the conveyor will automatically stop rotating to protect the temperature. If the loading conveyor fails to run due to the coal being piled under the nose, the coal level sensor DL u200bu200bat the corresponding position will contact the coal, and the coal level protection circuit will act immediately, causing the latter conveyor to stop immediately. At this time, coal continues to be discharged from the working face, and the tail of the conveyor behind it will pile up coal one by one, and the corresponding latter will be stopped until the transfer machine is automatically stopped. If a fault occurs when using the belt conveyor, the magnetic switch in the accident sensor SG installed on the driven part of the conveyor cannot be closed or cannot be closed at the normal speed. At this time, the control system will be delayed according to the inverse time characteristic after a certain delay. , The speed protection circuit works to perform some actions and cut off the power supply of the motor to avoid the expansion of the accident.
Precautions and maintenance of vibrating feeder
Precautions and maintenance should be paid when using the vibrating feeder. When using the vibrating feeder in the crushing operation, the horizontal installation can evenly feed the material, which can prevent the material from flowing by itself, and the downward slope of 15 degrees can continuously feed the material with viscosity When using the material, the two vibration motors should rotate in opposite directions. If the current is unstable, stop immediately, check the fixing of each bolt before using it, and tighten it if it is loose. When in use, check the amplitude of the vibration motor frequently, and stop immediately if there is an abnormality. The motor bearing is a key component of the vibrating feeder. Lubricating oil must be added every 2 months, once a month in summer, the motor must be disassembled and repaired once half a year, and the bearings must be replaced in time. Xinxiang Vibration Machinery is a manufacturer of vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, screw conveyors, vibrating motors, and lifting equipment. Users are welcome to discuss cooperation.
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