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Points for Attention in the Operation of Food Belt Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-22
For food belt conveyors, a good operating environment is also indispensable for high-quality conveying equipment to make better use of its application value. So for the mesh belt conveyor, which aspects should we start with? The following editor will let you know about it: 1. When we apply the food belt conveyor, a key link is that we have to check whether the running parts, the tape buckle and the load-bearing device are normal, and whether the protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to an appropriate level before starting. two. In the specific operation of the food belt conveyor, our operators must abide by the provisions of the items in the design of the items to be conveyed, and meet its conveying capacity. In addition, it should be noted that all types of personnel are not allowed to touch the transmission part of the food belt conveyor, and non-professionals are not allowed to touch the electrical components, control buttons, etc. at will. The most important point is that the mesh belt conveyor cannot be disconnected from the inverter after it is running. If the maintenance needs are determined, the frequency conversion operation must be stopped. 1. Working principle. three. A method that uses static friction to drive a machine that transports materials in a continuous manner by friction. Applying it, it can not only carry out the transportation of broken materials, but also the transportation of finished items. In addition to pure material transportation, it can also be matched with the requirements of the technological process in the production process of various industrial enterprises to form a rhythmic assembly line. four. The material of the food belt loading conveyor is different in different environments, such as PVC/PU. The different working environment of the application determines the choice of material. Fives. Advantages of Food Belt The belt conveyor has the advantages of flat surface, uniform perforation, standard roller drive, smooth running, no deviation, strong load capacity and tensile strength, easy cleaning, easy maintenance and so on. ---------------------------It is the core component of logistics automated transportation and sorting and the key transportation equipment provider and service provider for your logistics system To improve competitiveness, we look forward to sharing with you those things in the transportation equipment industry. Wechat exchanges, please add 'automated assembly line' Wechat: zdhlsx
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