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Pneumatic manipulator work unstable factors?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-22
Manipulator is the core of the automation equipment is indispensable parts, details the principle and application of the manipulator control is critical, this is to ensure that the key to automatic production line equipment is stable and reliable operation, common point of two questions in this paper, the manipulator is analyzed and the solution is introduced. 1. Work is not stable & ndash; — Often catch instability, feed does not reach the designated position of fault, cannot guarantee stable operation; 2. Components easily damaged & ndash; — Sensor, cylinder, buffer is easy to damage. Cause analysis: a, unreasonable structure of support & ndash; — Up-down material group is supported by a stud welding machine fingerprint, installed on the machine table, column machining accuracy is not high; Column by column with transverse institutions long waist hole on the aluminum plate with transverse institutions on the groove connection, due to the transverse institutions journey is long, long running easy cause screw loose, shift, cause the unstable operation. B, unreasonable cylinder connected & ndash; — Between the cylinder and the moving parts by the thread directly connected, connection piece machining accuracy is low, when a cylinder is in a state of eccentricity, easy cause cylinder seals wear, lead to damage of cylinder. C, buffer type selection, improper or poor quality & ndash; — Buffer selection need to be determined after a strict and precise calculation of buffer to absorb energy, impact speed range, improper selection will result in the buffer are easily damaged. D, unreasonable go line, pipe & ndash; — Equipment wiring, cloth tube messy now, manipulator is up and down motion mechanism, part of the wiring harness ( Sensor) , trachea need follow institutions, walk the line, the tube must assure neat, firm, can follow movement stability, to ensure the stability of the gas circuit, sensor using e, component quality problem.
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