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Plate chain conveyor maintenance knowledge

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-11
Plate chain conveyor maintenance is very important, so that it can achieve the longest service life. Conveyor chain plate production line equipment clean is convenient, the surface of the line body can be directly flush device ( But need to pay attention to drive part and control part is not clean water, in order to avoid damage to internal components, electric shock, there was an accident. To reach maximum makes the service life of equipment, maintenance is the key. In general, the power of motor in the use of a year or so we have to oil change in time, to ensure that the motor is in the best running state, reducing internal loss. After equipment use at ordinary times, to turn off the power supply in a timely manner, for a period of time to clean the surface of equipment. Equipment need maintenance, should be conducted by professional equipment maintenance, not to the related personnel, so as not to cause unnecessary economic loss and safety accidents. For knowledge chain plate products, in the above a few article explain the we have to have the basic knowledge of, believe that the broad masses of users has also has the corresponding to its understanding, therefore we also have the flat and smooth the surface of chain plate conveyor, friction small, able to withstand large load, long distance transmission characteristics, it is usually line body can be made into linear, non-standard type of turning, the relative non-standard chain plate production line requirements are relatively high, so its manufacturing difficulty is relatively larger. Then for the main production of chain plate which can be used in product manufacturing, we know that household appliances products delivery such as air conditioning, refrigerator production line, washing machine line, its main structure material is made of carbon steel welded or galvanized, smoke clean room and food, wine, beverage industries of equipment manufacturing material requirements are relatively high, then use is made of stainless steel. And widely used on the chain plate production line manufacturing are: diesel engine, glass bottles, PET bottles, cans, household appliances, food, beverages, bags, automobile, motorcycle, engine assembly and transportation company in 2009 product upgrades, for assembly line, assembly line, times the speed chain assembly line, production line; Launch of fully automatic assembly line and automatic assembly line and automatic speed chain assembly line and automatic production line; In view of the factory workshop production, introduced the assembly line can be done automatically from raw material to product assembly line production line, assembly line, times the speed chain and greatly reduce the labor costs of production, improve the production efficiency; Leading the industry's new change!
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