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Plate chain assembly line performance and structure of parsing

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-12
Plate chain assembly line according to the load is divided into: heavy plate chain assembly line and light chain assembly line. Chain assembly line chain material has: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy. Frame material usually use carbon steel material. Heavy plate chain assembly line sometimes referred to as the partition line, it usually as ground logistics conveyor equipment. Heavy plate chain assembly line is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances ( TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. ) , large electrical appliances, electrical and mechanical industries. Heavy plate chain assembly line usually with hanging line, drum line, hoist, etc, three-dimensional automatic production line, make full use of their own advantages, to improve the production efficiency and reduce labor costs, ensure product quality, is a modern large-scale enterprise whole factory automation in the production of the best combinations. Light plate chain assembly line, also known as the roof chain assembly line or flat chain assembly line is widely used in food, beverage, electronics, electrical appliances and light industries. Light plate chain assembly line has a very flexible transmission form, it can be fully effective use of space, can be designed into various models used alone, but also very easily and other conveying equipment. Light chain plate line main features: lightly and ingeniously structured, smooth operation, low noise, easy maintenance. This machine mainly round end-to-end, tail wheel, conveyor chain, chassis and drive device, etc. At regular intervals on the conveyor chain with symmetrical L round steel, welded to drive the material. Chain conveyor, a chain at the bottom of the slot machine movement forward, make the machine box material increased internal pressure, material particles between the internal friction increases, when the material internal friction is greater than the material and machine slot wall friction, material together with conveyor chain as a continuous forward movement as a whole. Plate chain line features: 1, high transmission efficiency of the material in the chain conveyor machine groove in the overall flow, thus the smaller machine groove space can transport a large number of materials, size and the shape of the device smaller accordingly. 2, can low the machine by means of material consumption in friction in transmission, conveyor chain and chassis no friction movement. Under the same throughput and long conveying distance, under the condition of the machine electricity consumption of about 40% lower than the screw conveyor. 3, low failure rate on the conveyor chain roller rolling on the guide rail, conveyor chain and chassis no friction. Made of chain using alloy steel heat treatment process and the normal service life of 3 years or so, in the operation of the low failure rate. Besides end bearing, no lubrication point in the conveyor. 4, chain conveyor, transmission surface smooth smooth, small friction, material in a smooth transition between the conveyor line, can transport all kinds of glass bottles, PET bottles, cans and other material, also can transport all kinds of bags. 5, chain plate, stainless steel and engineering plastic material, such as specifications, wide variety, could be selected according to the conveying material and process requirement, can satisfy the different demand from all walks of life. 6, delivery capacity is big, can hold a larger load, such as used in electric cars, motorcycles, generators and other industries; 7, transmission speed is accurate, stable and can guarantee the precise synchronization transmission. 8, generally a scraper chain conveyor can directly flush or soaking in the water directly. Equipment clean and convenient, which can meet the requirement of health food, beverage industry. 9, layout of equipment is flexible. Can be done on a transmission line level, tilt and turn. 10, the equipment has simple structure, easy to maintain.
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