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Plastic modular mesh belt turning conveyor plays an important role in the dairy and beverage industry

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-20
The plastic modular mesh belt turning conveyor is made of food-grade plastic conveyor belts, which eliminates the problem of metal belts running on the polyurethane support rails and causing black wear debris to contaminate products. The use of flexible nylon pins instead of rigid steel pins increases the size. The impact and tension of the conveyor belt. The conveying effect is better than before. The closed wide hinge design increases product stability and reduces wear on the pin. The edging treatment makes the conveying more stable. The unique locking system prevents the fixed pin from moving and falling off. With a uniquely designed opening area, the plastic modular mesh belt turning conveyor is suitable for cooling conveyor belts and inclined drainage applications. Plastic modular mesh belts can be used in various industries, dairy and beverage industries. In packaging, bottling and canning applications, modular plastic mesh belts and conveyor chain plates play an important role, providing a variety of conveying solutions for different production stages such as filling, sterilization, and packaging. It can provide various plastic mesh belts and conveyor chain plates for the dairy and beverage industries. The plastic modular mesh belt has the obvious advantages of turning conveyors. The plastic modular mesh belt has the characteristics of high strength, acid, alkali, salt water, etc., wide temperature range, good anti-sticking performance, can add ribs and side baffles, and has a large lifting angle. The intelligent modular mesh loading conveyor belt can be disassembled, assembled and repaired conveniently and easily at will, reducing maintenance time and costs. The plastic modular mesh belt has a long service life and can work stably under different temperature changes. It conforms to the FDA and USDA sanitation certification standards. It is easy to clean and can be operated in alternating hot and cold water. It is efficient and energy-saving, and can simplify production. Process. The structure of the plastic modular mesh belt conveyor: horizontal linear conveying, lifting climbing conveying, turning conveying and other forms. The loading conveyor belt can also be equipped with lifting baffles, side baffles and other accessories to meet various process requirements. It is also widely used in the pre-processing and packaging transportation of food, beverage, fruits and vegetables, meat food, seafood processing, etc., as well as industries such as agriculture, chemical industry, electronics industry, tobacco packaging, and cosmetics.
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