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Plastic mesh belt conveyor flexibility and continuity

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-19
The structural design of the traditional plastic modular mesh belt loading conveyor is not suitable for all application fields. The plastic modular conveyor belt produced by machinery can provide a more reasonable solution under the following conditions: the material has anti-corrosion, durability and inherent safety (all the standard materials used are in line with FDA standards). It is simple and easy to clean the plastic modular conveyor belt as required. Each plastic modular loading conveyor belt is a specialized design The plastic mesh belt conveyor system includes ten different series, and its functional design is suitable for different conveying and processing operations. Embedded pins connect each module together, making it flexible and continuous. This means: ● Variable width and length ● Simple maintenance ● Low inventory In addition to standard colors, any color can be provided on request. High-quality materials By using different materials, different types of modules have more specialized characteristics. With this variability, the plastic modular mesh belt conveyor can meet all practical requirements: conveying, positioning, washing, drying, freezing... The plastic modular conveyor belt has the characteristics of high strength, acid resistance, salt water, etc. in the food processing industry, and the temperature range Wide, good anti-sticking, can add baffle, side baffle, lifting angle, easy to clean, simple maintenance. Plastic mesh belt conveyors can be used for food transportation in various environments. Such as snack food, beverages (bottles, cans), fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, pre-processing and packaging transportation, etc., especially in fishing boats, microwave transmission tunnels, drying equipment, freezing, steaming tunnels are best used.
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