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Performance and characteristics of shaftless screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-25
The screw body of the shaftless screw conveyor has low movement resistance and small carrying capacity, and can handle quite mixed materials, such as materials that are easy to entangle together or particles and different shapes. The special structure material, thickness and special processing technology of the spiral body of the shaftless spiral moving conveyor make the spiral body have strong wear resistance and durability. Because there is no intermediate bearing, it prevents the failure of materials caused by blockage during the conveying process. The tank cover with suitable gasket ensures the sealing of the tank body and the tank cover, ensuring that the tank body is completely sealed, avoiding material leakage, no peculiar smell, and preventing any gas medium from entering the production system. At the same time, the conveyor provides enough operating space to monitor and clean the inside of the loading conveyor. The shaftless screw conveyor has few components, which makes the conveyor require minimal maintenance. Different materials can be provided with pads according to different conveying materials. Shaftless screw conveyors are specially designed for conveying mixed and difficult to transport materials, such as municipal solid waste, screenings, floating filter residues, dehydrated, thickened and treated sludge, treated food residues, creamy or batter Substances, waste from the processing of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, and bagged garbage. Compared with the traditional screw conveyor with shaft, the shaftless screw loading conveyor has the following outstanding advantages due to the design of no central shaft and the use of a flexible integral steel screw to push materials: 1. Except for the inlet and outlet. Outside the opening, the remaining parts can be covered and sealed so that materials will not overflow and reduce air pollution. 2. Good environmental performance, using fully enclosed conveying and easy-to-clean spiral surface, which can ensure environmental sanitation and the conveyed materials are not polluted, and the conveyed materials will not leak. 3. Large torque, low energy consumption, because the screw has no shaft, the material is not easy to be blocked, and the discharge port is not blocked, so it can run at a lower speed, smoothly drive, and reduce energy consumption. The torque can reach 4000N·m. 4. Large delivery volume. The conveying capacity is 1.5 times that of the traditional shafted screw conveyor with the same diameter. 5. Long conveying distance. The conveying length of a single machine can reach 60~70m to go out, and according to the needs of users, it can be installed in multi-stage series to achieve ultra-long distance conveying materials. 6. Motivated to work. At present, the mobile shaftless screw conveyor, vertical shaftless screw conveyor and flexible screw conveyor have been developed and produced in the market, which can work mobile and have multiple functions. 7. The material can be discharged from the bottom and at the end. 8. Using special lining board, can work under high temperature. 9. Compact structure, space saving, beautiful appearance, easy operation, economical and durable.
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