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Performance Analysis of Universal Balls for Unpowered Roller Conveyor Parts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-09

The application of the universal ball on the balls of the unpowered roller conveyor is the most common one, and its principle is also very simple. Because items can be transported in any direction on the ball, it is also

It is known as the universal ball conveyor. Universal balls are used in major unpowered roller conveyors and are often used to convey the bottom surface of materials

Relatively flat and smooth items, such as trays, are not suitable for conveying uneven materials on the bottom surface and soft bottom materials, and this material will also cause certain damage to the universal ball.

The installation in the unpowered roller loading conveyor of the universal ball is also very simple, Just fix the universal ball on the platform, and it can play its transmission in the unpowered roller conveyor.

Flexibility, simple maintenance and reliable performance.
Universal ball is an indispensable accessory among many unpowered roller conveyors. There are various materials such as steel surface galvanized, carbon steel quenched galvanized, etc. According to the unpowered roller conveyor Need universal ball is divided into ordinary direction ball, square seat

Universal balls, dish-shaped universal balls, car-made universal balls and heavy-duty universal balls, etc. Universal balls are matched with unpowered roller conveyor

Using, it is very convenient to rotate and push a single piece of conveying material in the same direction, and make it a part to cope with various non-moving materials.

Conveying system, feeding system and processing system in the force roller conveyor, and packaging auxiliary equipment. Since the universal ball is

It is used together with the unpowered roller conveyor, and must be used according to the environment where the unpowered roller conveyor is located.

Conditions, occasions and the characteristics of conveying materials are convenient to make better selection of the material of the universal ball.

The universal ball in the unpowered roller conveyor still has certain The bearing capacity can be fixed on the steel plate with a certain password

A platform is formed on the upper surface. Because the rolling of the universal ball is very flexible, it is transported on it in the application of the unpowered roller loading conveyor.

Working boards, material boxes and other objects in the row can also slide very flexibly, which greatly reduces the labor force to a certain extent, which is beneficial for enterprises.

Bringing better economic benefits. In addition, we can carry out the universal ball according to the characteristics of conveying materials, especially the requirements of bearing capacity.

In the density distribution of the unpowered roller loading conveyor, the distribution density is small and the bearing capacity is small, the universal ball can also be selected

Universal ball with high density and high bearing capacity. Here we suggest that if the conveying material needs a large bearing capacity, it can be selected.

Choose two materials: carbon steel, galvanized and stainless steel. Generally speaking, the universal ball bearing capacity of these two materials is better.

Because of the flexibility and diversity of the universal ball and its simple structure, it is widely used in major assembly lines such as electronics, chemicals, food,

Supermarkets and other major industries have greatly reduced the labor force, saving a certain amount of capital and labor for enterprises.

A good helper for assembly line work.
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