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Parts that need to be lubricated for the screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-21
2012-09-12 08:42:41 The main components that need to be lubricated for the screw loading conveyor are: reducer, head and frame bearings. Grease or oil bath lubrication can be used for the lubrication of the reducer, and the reducer is delivered from the factory No organic oil is stored at all times. You must refuel before use. After the first refueling operation for 36 hours, clean the interior and change the oil. Change the oil every six months after work. The bearing oil of the frame is lubricated with grease, and change at least once a year. . The meshing gears and bearings of the gear reducer should be checked at any time. The oil level is measured by a rod-shaped oil level indicator. When the reducer is running, the benchmark is set out to judge the oil level based on the traces of oil on the benchmark. The position indicated by the oil gauge should be checked at any time. In actual application, first carry out a no-load test. After the test run is normal, a test run of 100-120 hours under load is allowed. During the test run, the load should gradually increase from small to large; Check the quality of the oil, clean the inside of the machine body with gasoline or kerosene when replacing the lubricating oil. Lubricate the machine head and machine seat bearings once every 30 days. Xinxiang Vibration Machinery is engaged in vibrating screens, conveying equipment, feeding equipment, and vibrating motors. Manufacturers of other products are welcome to inquire.
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