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Packing line use needs to pay attention to

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-05
Packing line using demand note what we in the use of automated assembly line equipment, could progress operation production power, but if used improperly, the damage of simple equipment, simple also cause damage to the operator, the use of assembly line equipment needs pay attention to what? 1, assembly line equipment before use, should check the workshop whether the power supply circuit can meet the demand of equipment load requirements; Whether the power supply voltage and frequency is consistent with equipment regulations. Part 2, regularly check the wires connected, outstanding cohesion is strong, the phenomenon such as presence of rusty spot. 3, regular check to see if the installation of parts of outstanding, fasteners have loose phenomenon, the body's internal presence of other foreign body movement. 4, before starting motor, it is necessary to check whether the main drive system of reducer has come on; If no, should include 30 oil or gear oil to more than line, to use wash oil change after 200 hours, 2000 hours after each use after washing oil change at a time. 5, conveyor belt to timely adjust: online at the end of the body when tight device equipped with regulating screw, tightness of the conveyor belt has been adjusted, when device assignments must be after time, because of the tensile strength of the long-term operation state of the rolling parts of wear and tear, elongation phenomenon happens, the rotating regulating screw, can be reached when tight purpose, but must pay attention to the loose fit. 6, the end of each class assignments, should clean lines and of the Lord, to pay the following sundry, keep the equipment clean and neat, boring, in order to advance equipment using life. 7, in use process, components should be put in place, banned the paper scraps, fabric, tools, such as the installation items online, ensure production line running safety and reliable. 8, every use one year to see and clean bearing, bearing, if found damaged should not be used, should be immediately repair or exchange, and add grease, fatliquoring quantity about two-thirds of the lumen.
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