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Packing line conveyor line box body stability

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-14
To product packaging box, ensure the box in the correct position is very important, usually, especially when the robot for packaging. Although there are many choices to locate the box, but it shows that the system allows various size box running on the same system, but also suitable for health environment. The top is equipped with two conveyor conveyor line series health conveyor, can be used as all kinds of size box & other Squeezer & throughout; 。 This ensures that the box in the correct position to fill. 7100 series conveyor running with another conveyor, the conveyor with customer's products ( In the picture above) at the top of the conveyor 。 Picking robots will be in the product along the downstream products to be included in the box. Extrusion effect to make sure it won't move the box in the mobile is in place, the robot can know the location of the box. Two & other; Extrusion & throughout; Conveyor is r conveyor line 7200 series, we low-key health conveyor. In this system, it is set to 8. 875 inches, spacing is + / - 1. 5 inches, so as to adapt to all kinds of the size of the box.
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