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Operation process of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-03
Regarding the operation process of the belt conveyor, we seem to have shared it with you before, but it is not comprehensive, so in response to customer needs, today I will introduce to you the overall operation process and how to transport it. You need to pay attention to it. Let's take a look at what matters. 1. The fixed belt loading conveyor should be installed on a fixed foundation according to the specified installation method. Before the mobile conveyor is put into operation, the wheels should be wedged with triangle wood or braked. In order to avoid walking during work, when there are multiple conveyors operating in parallel, there should be a one-meter passage between the machine and the machine and between the machine and the wall.  2. Before using the belt conveyor, check whether the running parts, belt buckles and load-bearing devices are normal, and whether the protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to an appropriate level before starting.   3. The belt loading conveyor should start without load. Feed in after normal operation. It is forbidden to drive after feeding. 4. When there are several conveyors running in series, they should start from the discharge end and start sequentially. Feeding can only be done after everything is in normal operation.   5. When the tape deviation occurs during operation, stop and adjust it, and do not use it reluctantly, so as to avoid abrasion of the edge and increase the load.  6. u200bu200bThe working environment and the temperature of the delivered materials shall not be higher than 50℃ and lower than -10℃.   7. Pedestrians or passengers are prohibited on the conveyor belt.   8. The feeding must be stopped before stopping, and the belt can be stopped only when the material on the belt is exhausted.   9. The belt conveyor motor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cables of mobile conveyors. The motor must be grounded reliably.   10. It is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand when it is slipping to avoid accidents. Components Belt conveyor, also known as belt conveyor, is a machine that relies on friction drive to transport materials in a continuous manner. It can provide equipment with a steady stream of crushed raw materials and finished materials. It is the prerequisite and guarantee for the continuous operation of the mobile crushing station. The belt loading conveyor includes: belt, roller set, drum set, driving device, disc brake, backstop, tensioning device, guide trough, belt cleaner and other parts. However, the working environment is generally harsh. If the maintenance is improper, the belt conveyor may experience rapid belt wear and component failure, resulting in downtime and maintenance. This article is over here. I think everyone should know something about the operation process of the belt conveyor. Keep in mind the things that need to be considered. We can only strictly control, minimize the failure rate, and only do what we can. Only by improving work efficiency can you increase your work income. If you need it, you can contact us at any time.
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