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Operating Regulations of Mobile Conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-28
Machinery is very happy to share these little knowledge with you, of course, if you have any questions, you can contact us directly. Our company continues to improve product quality and processing and production capacity, so that the material will not be used if there are quality problems, the products will not leave the factory if there are quality problems, and the after-sales service will not be delayed. We have won the trust and support of users! We often talk about safe operation, but these problems are knowledge that has never been touched before for companies and individuals who have never used mobile conveyor operations. Next, we will introduce the operation of the mobile loading conveyor. 1. The working environment and the temperature of the delivered materials shall not be higher than 50°C and lower than -10°C. Do not transport materials with acid-base oils and organic solvents. 2. Before using the conveyor, check whether the running parts, tape buckles and load-bearing devices are normal, and whether the protective equipment is complete. The tension of the tape must be adjusted to an appropriate level before starting. 3. The belt conveyor should be started without load. Feed in after normal operation. It is forbidden to drive after feeding. 4. When the tape deviation occurs during operation, stop and adjust, and do not use it reluctantly to avoid abrasion of the edges and increase the load. 5. When several conveyors are running in series, they should start from the discharge end and start sequentially. Feeding can only be done after everything is in normal operation. 6. Pedestrians or passengers are prohibited on the loading conveyor belt, and it is strictly forbidden to pull the belt by hand when the belt is slipping to avoid accidents; 7. The conveyor motor must be well insulated. Do not pull and drag the cables of mobile conveyors. The motor must be grounded reliably. 8. Before stopping, you must stop feeding, and wait until the storage on the belt is exhausted. Then you can stop. Use technology to seek development, win the market with integrity, survive by quality, create benefits with scale, and continue to introduce products with strong technical force. , Is willing to cooperate friendly with the majority of users in a sincere attitude. Meeting new friends, not forgetting old friends, it is our great honor to meet and cooperate with you. .
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