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Model and price of 3 tons per hour screw conveyor for powder

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-19
05-05 17:49:12    Regardless of the past, present, or the future, medicinal powder is indispensable in human life. Although there are more and more substitutes, the value of medicinal powder is always indispensable. However, users who are engaged in medicinal powder factories know that medicinal materials are not directly usable, and most of them need to undergo further crushing processing to convert them into powder, which is conveyed to the vibrating screen equipment through a screw loading conveyor for impurity removal and classification, so as to facilitate the improvement. Good application to various industrial sectors.   There are frequent user inquiries: The model of the 3 tons/hour powder screw conveyor used to convey powder, and ask for a quotation, it can be seen that there are still a lot of users of powder screw conveyor, why? Because the equipment meets several standards:    1. Large conveying volume: the powder is a powdery material, so the screw conveyor is used when conveying.  2. Cost analysis: The drug powder screw conveyor is relatively affordable, and the purchase cost is low. The users of the powder factory are willing to buy it. At the same time, the production capacity is not weak, and the benefits are also very considerable.  3. Finished product requirements: The equipment has large conveying capacity, large carrying capacity, safety and reliability, and good sealing. It is very worthy of recognition whether the shell is made of seamless steel pipe or continued to be processed into pulverized coal.  4, no pollution: to meet a good production environment is the inevitable quality of the tubular screw conveyor, creating an environment with less pollution and low noise is one of the main reasons for users to purchase.   In general, the powder and the auger screw conveyor are quite good. Regarding the production standard of 3 tons per hour, which model should be selected and how much is the price? Here is also a brief introduction:    There are three types of screw conveyors that meet the standard model of 3 tons per hour: LS200, LS160, and LS114. Why are there three? The main reason is that the powder is relatively light. The output range of these three types of screw conveyors includes 3t/h. According to the material characteristics of the specific powder, dry or wet, the density of the material, the horizontal conveying or the angle, etc., the manufacturer will The user recommends a more suitable model tailored. For specific model selection, free online consultation is available. In addition, when it comes to the price of the screw loading conveyor for the production of 3 tons of powder per hour, there is actually no standard price, because as mentioned earlier, there is no single model of equipment that meets the standard, so the price is not fixed, but one thing is Certainly, the price of this type of screw conveyor will not be too expensive, and purchase the equipment from a more professional vibration machinery manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed, the price will be more favorable, and more assured!
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