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Mobile grain throwing conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-03
There are many types of conveyors and their functions are different. Our customers can make choices according to their actual needs. Today we will talk about the grain throwing conveyor, and learn more about it. Maybe it is the one you need. ! The mobile grain throwing conveyor can carry out a variety of operations such as bulk grain conveying, palletizing, storage, etc. After the grain thrower is removed, it can throw small particles of materials. It has automatic lifting function, good self-locking performance, strong safety, and work. Wide surface, large conveying capacity, etc., can carry out operations of different heights. The mobile grain throwing loading conveyor is a grain storage machine that integrates two functions: conveying and lifting. Its telescopic mechanism can realize the grain cleaning in the way of raising the ground, and at the same time can realize the long-distance transportation of the grain, make up for the shortcomings of some functions of the ordinary loading conveyor, and solve the problem of the buried wheel caused by the self-flow of the grain. (The grain throwing machine has two types of direct throwing and rotary throwing for users to choose from). Through continuous improvement of productivity, greater innovation, continuous introduction of production equipment, and strict inspections during the production process, the machinery factory can produce the best quality ventilated floor cage equipment to provide customers. You are welcome to call for consultation.
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