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Mobile conveyors are becoming more and more widespread

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-23
Everyone may be familiar with the application of belts in assembly lines. Our most common and basically well-known products in the pharmaceutical and beverage industry rely on mobile conveyors for transportation. It's just that the mobile conveyors they transport are generally horizontal or turning belt conveyors, and the belts used are different from the loading conveyor belts of our belt conveyors that are generally used to transport grain. But the principle is basically the same. It is to use the transmission device to transport the material. The application of mobile conveyors to the modern logistics industry is a development and progress of conveyors. The assembly line conveying in use now not only realizes conveying but also realizes functions such as goods sorting. This is mainly reflected in the application of mobile conveyors in logistics. But on the whole, the main disadvantage of assembly line production is that it is not flexible enough to adapt to the market's requirements for product output and variety changes, as well as the requirements of technological innovation and technological progress. The adjustment and reorganization of the assembly line requires a large investment and a long time. Workers working on the assembly line are relatively monotonous, tense, and prone to fatigue, which is not conducive to improving production technology
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