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Mobile conveyor roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-29
We are not unfamiliar with you about mobile loading conveyor rollers. It is one of the most important parts in conveyors. So how many kinds of mobile conveyor rollers are there? What are the rollers that are often used on mobile conveyors? Which intermediate rollers are suitable for different mobile conveyors? Today we will learn about the types of rollers. 1. The standard groove angle of the groove type upper roller is 35 degrees, so the 35 degree groove type roller and the 35 degree groove type forward tilt roller are the most used in a conveyor. There are three ways for the selection of this roller: full forward tilt, partial forward tilt, no forward tilt, and two ways of full forward tilt and partial forward tilt are more commonly used. 2. The buffer roller has two kinds of 35 degrees and 45 degrees. With cotton canvas core loading conveyor belt type, only 35-degree trough-type buffer rollers and 45-degree trough-type buffer rollers can be used, and 45-degree trough-type rollers can be used in the section where the guide trough does not receive material impact. 3. Excessive rollers Large transport volume, long distance, high belt tension and important conveyors are generally set with transition sections. When the length of the multi-determined length is greater than the normal roller spacing, it is required to install excessive rollers, but the conveyor belt is gradually scaled or flattened by the groove to reduce the additional stress caused by the groove extension on the edge of the conveyor belt and prevent the conveyor belt from spreading. Spilling occurs usually. 4. Return roller The standard of the return roller is still the parallel lower roller, which is the most used type of lower roller. Research has found that making the lower idler into a two-roller V shape has a certain effect on preventing the deviation of the lower branch of the conveyor belt, especially the V-shaped forward-inclined lower idler has a more obvious anti-deviation effect. 5. Comb-shaped rollers Comb-shaped rollers are specially used for conveyors that convey viscous materials. 6. Spiral idler It is used to clean the material adhering on the carrying surface of the conveyor belt. Its function is the same as that of the cleaner. Generally speaking, the set of lower idlers closest to the conveyor head roller is designed as a spiral idler. 7. Self-aligning roller The self-aligning roller is used to correct the excessive deviation of the conveyor belt during operation to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor. The installation accuracy is high, especially for the forward-inclined roller conveyor, the self-aligning roller is not required. Conveyors that need to be equipped with self-aligning rollers generally have one self-aligning roller for every 10 groups of roller types.
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