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Mobile conveyor operating requirements

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-28
There are also many precautions when using mobile conveyors that need everyone to pay attention to. You can refer to it to see if there are any omissions when using mobile conveyors. We will also improve this information step by step, hoping to bring the most comprehensive knowledge to everyone. When the mobile conveyor is in use, a professional operator is required to operate it, so as to ensure the professionalism and standardization of the operation. And when the belt conveyor is used, it is necessary to prevent unrelated persons from walking around and touching the machine switches at will to avoid dangerous accidents. During the operation of the moving mobile conveyor, it is forbidden to use any tools to operate the conveyor body, such as adjusting the deviated conveyor belt. These are very prone to major safety accidents. If the conveyor belt needs to be replaced, make sure that the conveyor is stopped and unrelated personnel should stay away from the conveyor. It is strictly forbidden for operators to step on the conveyor belt with their hands or feet. When overhauling, it should also be done by professional personnel, and it is strictly forbidden for operators to stand in the position of the fuselage to perform overhaul and other work in non-essential conditions. These precautions are all requirements for loading conveyor operators. These requirements are seemingly insignificant but very easy to cause accidents, so we must pay more attention.
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