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Mobile conveyor lubrication

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-27
I have said many times about the lubricating machinery of electric motors, but there is always something I want to tell you. Today, the machinery will talk to you about two very important points in the motor lubrication of the mobile conveyor. First of all, the first choice for the motor of the mobile conveyor is the lubricating oil among the wide range of lubricating products. The use of lubricating oil for click lubrication can well lubricate the lubricated parts to form a protection, which can reduce the frictional damage of the parts, reduce the degree of friction, and form a protection for the click of the mobile conveyor. Another type of lubrication product is grease. Lubricating grease is relatively oily and not easy to lose, so it can protect the lubricated parts well when the moving conveyor rotates for a long time. And it is more convenient to use grease to avoid lubrication for a long time. Therefore, the use of grease lubrication is also a recommended method of lubricating the motor of the mobile conveyor. As for which method to use, it depends on your choice. I believe that as long as you use it properly, no matter which method is used to lubricate the motor of the mobile conveyor, the motor of the mobile loading conveyor can be well protected.
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