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Mobile conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-23
We all know that there are many varieties of mobile conveyors on suitable conveyor belts. Therefore, there are generally certain requirements in the use of conveyor belts. The following machinery introduces several common and commonly used types of mobile conveyor belts for you to choose from. First of all, let's talk about the selection of the loading conveyor belt of the mobile conveyor based on what? Yes, it is the material being conveyed. This is our primary criterion for choosing conveyor belts. Under normal circumstances, the conveyor belt we choose is a normal nylon conveyor belt. Although this kind of conveyor belt is inferior to the specific conveyor belt in abrasion resistance and strength, it is the cheapest conveyor belt. Generally, this kind of conveyor belt is selected when not conveying very hard or high-quality materials. The low price is of course also the reason for the high usage rate of this conveyor belt. If we need to transport materials with greater strength or quality, we need to use wear-resistant loading conveyor belts, which are generally steel cord conveyor belts. The characteristic is wear-resistant and durable. This kind of conveyor belt has longer life and lighter durability than ordinary belts, so the price is relatively higher. Another factor that affects the movement of the conveyor belt is the working environment of the conveyor. Under normal circumstances, a specific conveyor belt needs to be used for operations in extreme environments. Cold-resistant conveyor belts are required in cold conditions; high-temperature loading conveyor belts are required for conveying under high temperature conditions. There is also such a choice of a specific conveyor belt to achieve the ideal conveying effect. Of course, these two conveyor belts are not limited to use in such extreme environments. They are also required when the temperature of the conveying material is high or low. It is also for the best delivery effect. These are just some of the more common reasons that affect the use of conveyor belts, of course there are other reasons. Therefore, we must fully consider when choosing a suitable conveyor belt.
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