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Method of transferring products with conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-14
Five ways to transfer products with conveyors There are many reasons for transferring products from one conveyor system to another. Whether you want to move the product to another production line for further operations, to a repair area or to a return location, different transfer methods may be required. The same is true for products of different sizes or shapes. Understanding the available transfer methods can help you determine what your application needs. Method 5: 90 degree conversion This type of transmission is carried out from the edge of the belt of the loading conveyor belt system to the edge of the frame. Although the speed of the conveyor belt should be closely aligned, it does not have to be precise. As long as your product size can be easily and smoothly transferred from a conveyor to a vertical conveyor, this design can provide a simple and inexpensive solution for many applications. Method 4: Side shift When choosing this type of conveyor transmission, be sure to check the design of the selected loading conveyor system. The end of the conveyor belt and the frame should have as few or no side protrusions as possible. Not all conveyors are designed in this way. Side protrusions can easily block or completely hinder the transfer of products from one conveyor to another. Method 3: Inline transmission is also called end-to-end transmission. This method is used when you connect two conveyor belts to each other. When designing this type of transmission, the most important thing is to ensure that the two conveyor profiles have been matched. In addition, when choosing this method, please pay special attention to the product size to prevent the product from falling between the two conveyors, thereby damaging the conveyor and the product.
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