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Method of debugging and installing electromagnetic feeder

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-16
2021-03-03 09:17:29 Electromagnetic feeder is also called electromagnetic vibrating feeder, its structure is simple and stable, power loss is small, electric vibrators are all suspended installations, and the suspension stalk of the vibrator should be hung vertically , In order to reduce the lateral swing of the equipment, the suspension boom of the material trough should be opened by 10°. For the convenience of maintenance and replacement of the material trough, the large feeder should be installed with a mobile sliding frame. Do not disassemble and install during installation, and keep the surrounding area after installation. With a certain gap, the feeder should be horizontal in the transverse direction to prevent the material from shifting to one side when the feeder is working. Loosen the connecting fork positioning bolt used for maintenance and then lock it with a nut before trial operation. During debugging, the size of the air gap between the iron core and the armature in the feeder will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Improper adjustment will increase the current, reduce the amplitude, and fail to operate normally. In severe cases, the iron core will collide and cause the iron core and coil to fail. If it is damaged, check the air gap frequently. After adjusting the position of the connecting fork with the overhaul screw, adjust the air gap to about 1.9-2.2mm, and then tighten and add a locknut. The amplitude of the trough depends on the electromagnetic excitation force and the natural frequency of the feeder. When the resonance frequency is close to the excitation frequency of the electromagnet, the amplitude of the trough is large. When the tuning value is lower than the range value The conveying capacity of the feeder decreases with a smaller amplitude. When the feeder is high, the operation of the feeder is unstable, and the adjustment point is connected to the spring plate group for adjustment. After adjusting the air gap, the stiffness of the spring plate group can be adjusted. Loosen the maintenance screw to turn on the control power supply, and observe the indicated value of the amplitude indicator when the operating current is increased. When the current is large, the amplitude cannot reach a large value. The top tightening screw of the spring plate group can be slightly loosened, and the amplitude will increase the operating current. The decrease indicates that the spring stiffness is too large. It is necessary to reduce the number of reeds to reduce the stiffness. Xinxiang Machinery is a manufacturer of feeders, vibrating screens, and screw conveyors. Users are welcome to call and order.
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