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Method for selecting belt speed of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-07
Belt conveyor is a common type of conveying equipment, because there are so many types of belt conveyors, so we must choose the appropriate model when choosing a belt conveyor, and the conveying volume per unit time is belt loading conveyor One of the criteria for machine selection, one of the main factors that determine the conveying capacity is the belt speed. Next, the machinery will introduce some methods for selecting the belt speed of belt conveyors: when the belt conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a wide conveyor belt, a higher belt speed should be selected. For materials that are easy to roll, have large particle size, have strong abrasiveness, or are easy to raise dust, and require high environmental sanitation conditions, a lower belt speed should be selected. with a long horizontal distance should choose a higher belt speed; when the conveying distance is short, and the conveyor has a large amount of dust conveying, the belt speed can be 0.8m/s~1m/s; or according to the material characteristics and process Ask for a decision. When weighing artificial ingredients, the belt speed should not be greater than 1.25m/s. When using a plough unloader, the belt speed should not exceed 2.0m/s. When the unloading truck is used, the belt speed should generally not exceed 2.5m/s; when transporting finely divided materials or small pieces of material, the allowable belt speed is 3.15m/s. When there is a weighing scale, the belt speed should be determined according to the requirements of the automatic weighing scale. When conveying finished objects, the belt speed is generally less than 1.25m/s. The principle of belt speed selection of belt conveyor: The belt speed of the belt conveyor is related to the belt width, conveying capacity, material properties, lumpiness and the line inclination of the conveyor. When the loading conveyor is transporting upwards, the inclination angle is large, and the belt speed should be low; when transporting downwards, the belt speed should be even lower; when transporting horizontally, a high belt speed can be selected.
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