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Mesh belt conveyors provide a wealth of intuitive information.

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-01-31
Mesh belt conveyors provide rich and intuitive information

The mesh belt conveyor has a large conveying capacity and a simple structure; it is easy to maintain and its components are standardized; according to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be conveyed by a single unit or composed of multiple units; it can be combined with other conveying equipment to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet Different layout types of operation lines are required.

The mesh belt conveyor is made of various materials such as rubber, canvas, PVC, PU, ​​PVK, etc. It is not only used for the transportation of ordinary materials, but also meets the transportation of materials with special requirements such as oil resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-static. The mesh belt conveyor adopts a special food-grade conveyor belt, which can meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. Compared with the machine, the noise is small, and it is suitable for occasions where the working environment requires a relatively quiet environment.

Mesh belt conveyors are mainly used in electronics, home appliances, communications, computers, circuit boards, instruments, furniture, clothing, automobiles, tires, food, beverage production, assembly, testing, packaging, pharmaceutical express logistics industries, etc. As a general-purpose belt conveyor, Zhejiang mesh belt conveyor is improved from a fixed belt conveyor and is mainly used in the process of grain production, processing and transshipment. Specific specifications and models are selected according to the production site. It has the characteristics of good passability, convenient moving and lifting, and simple operation.

The mesh belt loading conveyor is composed of the main body frame, conveyor belt, idler roller, roller, traveling device, driving device and lifting device. The whole machine is fixed by screws, which is convenient for transportation. The whole machine can be disassembled to avoid excessive transportation costs due to the long fuselage. The lifting device of the mesh belt conveyor is composed of a motor reducer. It adopts the electric lifting method to reduce the burden of manual lifting. It is suitable for light industry, grain production, processing, transportation and transshipment, and light packaging transportation. It can also be adapted to open air, indoors, and railways. , Highway motor transportation and transshipment. Reduce or prohibit work in rainy weather to prevent the fuselage from rusting due to long-term exposure to humid environments.

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