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Mesh belt conveyor selection and future market trends

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-19
Mesh belt conveyors include carbon steel mesh belt conveyors, stainless steel mesh belt conveyors, and plastic mesh belt conveyors. The selection of mesh belt conveyors is particularly important in use. Metal mesh belt conveyors are characterized by wide application range, long life, and large model selection. Plastic mesh belt conveyors are widely used in major foods and beverages. The pharmaceutical and other industries thus prove that the market for mesh belt conveyors is bound to grow in the future.  The stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is the most popular among the mesh belt conveyors. The selection of the mesh belt conveyor is particularly important in use. The models and parameters used in different environments are different.  Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor selection method:   (1) First determine the temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness of the use environment, and select the correct mesh belt conveyor material, wire diameter, and body strength through these. (2) To know the size and density of the conveying material, select the appropriate mesh parameters through the shape, calculate the load per unit area through the density, and then select the wire diameter of the mesh belt, the strength of the support rod, and the size of the chain (the roller drive type has no chain option ).   (3) The proportional relationship between output and speed. The output is calculated by the total load and the conveying speed, and it is appropriate to reach 150% of the output.   (4) Motor power and speed ratio. According to the total load, the required torque of the motor is quickly calculated to calculate the appropriate motor power and speed ratio. It is appropriate to reach the required 150%.   The above parameter details are the necessary materials for selecting the stainless steel mesh belt loading conveyor. Only reasonable matching is the qualified conveying equipment.  The unique characteristics of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor are widely promoted in the field of conveying, especially the drying and cleaning working environment mesh belt conveyor is more like the only available conveying machinery. Looking at the market trend of conveying equipment in recent years, the amount of metal mesh belt conveyors may be larger in 2015. The metal mesh belt conveyor is first analyzed from the performance of the metal mesh belt loading conveyor. Its corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and large load-bearing characteristics are beyond the reach of the belt conveyor. Whether it is conventional conveying or drying, cleaning and conveying, it is from Common Q235 to sus304 and sus316 have corresponding materials. From the perspective of price analysis, the previous purchase price seems to be higher, but the long-life characteristics of the mesh belt loading conveyor has improved its cost-effectiveness to the first place (conventional life of 3 years). Plastic mesh belt conveyors Plastic mesh belt conveyors are widely used in food and beverages. The pharmaceutical and other industries are known to us. They are mainly used for material transportation in production companies. They can be horizontal, inclined, and vertical conveyors, and can also be used to form spatial lines for transportation. Under normal circumstances, the conveying line of the plastic mesh belt conveyor is fixed. Plastic mesh belt conveyor is currently the most widely used conveyor in factories and enterprises. The main reason is that no matter the whole batch of goods or bulk goods, they can be transported intact. More companies value the mesh belt conveyor. The advantage is that the volume of goods to be conveyed is large, the structure is very simple and light, the maintenance is also very convenient and the maintenance cost is low. The most important one is the very low cost of the plastic mesh belt conveyor. . Generally speaking, the characteristics of mesh belt conveyors are wide application range, long life, and large model selection, which proves that the market for mesh belt conveyors in the future is also growing.
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