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Mesh belt chain conveyor is a kind of common conveying equipment.

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-01-26

Mesh belt chain conveyor is a kind of common conveying equipment, which is widely used in various industries. In order to ensure the normal application of the equipment, we need to check and deal with it regularly.

Check the misalignment between the lateral midpoint line of the idler roller and the longitudinal midpoint line of the conveyor. If the misalignment value exceeds 3mm, it should be adjusted by using the long mounting holes on both sides of the roller set. The specific method is which side of the conveyor belt is biased, which side of the idler group moves forward in the direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side moves backward. 2. Check the deviation of the two planes of the head and tail frame mounting bearing seats.

If the deviation between the two planes is greater than 1mm, the two planes should be adjusted in the same plane. 3. Check the position of the material on the conveyor belt. The material is not centered on the cross-section of the conveyor belt, which will cause the conveyor belt to deviate.

The main components on the mesh belt loading conveyor are the mesh belt chain and the chain. The circular docking of the mesh belt chain is a very critical step during the initial installation. Whether the connection is correct or not will affect the future use of the mesh belt chain conveyor. to a great impact. The roller conveyor can transport a single piece of heavy material, or bear a large impact load, and the roller lines are easy to connect and filter. Multiple roller lines and other conveyors or special planes can be used to form a complex logistics conveying system to complete various aspects. process needs. There are three points in the correct way to connect the mesh belt chain: the mesh belt has a reverse side, which should face up; butt threading should be 100mm larger than the width of the mesh belt, and the reverse direction should be fixed in another mesh hole after butt joint, and then welded firmly; The chain should be docked with a live joint, and the live joint must face the outside. This is the correct butt joint method of the belt conveyor (also known as the belt loading conveyor) mesh belt chain.

The mesh belt chain conveyor has a large conveying capacity, a long conveying distance, and can complete several process operations at the same time during the conveying process, so it is widely used. Chain conveyors are used for conveying materials. Stainless steel mesh belt is used as the carrier, which is suitable for drying, dehumidification, freezing, heat treatment, etc. in various food industries; made of stainless steel, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and easy cleaning.

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