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Matters needing attention when the chain conveyor is used for the first time

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-27
The stainless steel chain conveyor device. After the debugging process, there are also some problems that need to be paid attention to when used for the first time. This also affects the service life of the chain conveyor. I will sort out the precautions for everyone. I hope to help everyone. At the same time, the belt conveyor Machines, loading conveyor lines, roller loading conveyor lines and other conveying equipment are waiting for you to visit. 1. When stainless steel chain plates are used in the production process, such as in normal production, if an emergency occurs, press the red emergency stop button as soon as possible, and quickly shut down for disposal. 2. Different types and specifications of stainless steel chain plates must not be connected together in the same machine. 3. The tension of the stainless steel chain plate in use should not be too large, and it should be ensured to work under a small initial tension under the premise of not slipping with the transmission gear and not excessively sagging the material receiving point. 4. Generally, the conveyor is required to start empty to avoid motor overload and the stainless steel chain plate slipping; before stopping, all materials on the stainless steel chain plate should be unloaded except in special circumstances. 5. The starting sequence is to open first, then one conveyor will unload the stainless steel chain plate, then open forward in sequence, and then open the receiving conveyor. The stopping sequence is opposite to the starting sequence. These are the main items that should be paid attention to when the stainless steel chain loading conveyor is used for the first time. You must operate it correctly according to the instructions. Only in this way can its performance be fully demonstrated the advantages of the chain conveyor. Are you correct?
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