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Matters needing attention when operating belt conveyor equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-09
Belt conveyor is a very important transportation equipment, so in use, we must obey the transported goods planning in some of the rules of the item. Second, we should pay attention to all kinds of personnel is the movement of some shall not touch the belt conveyor, non-professional personnel shall not, of course, casual touch electrical components, control button, etc. In front of the belt conveyor start running, the first to confirm the belt conveyor equipment, personnel, was shipped goods are in safety in good condition; Second view is the movement of parts is normal, no foreign body, and then look at all the electrical wiring is not the same is normal, normal time talents and operational use of belt conveyor. When the belt conveyor running in, let's necessary to make the following operations: & emsp; 1, close the total power switch, then needs to check the equipment power supply is normal and the power indicator is on. When check found normal operation and then on to the next step. 2, in let's close the circuit of the power switch, and then to check if everything is normal. As a normal condition.   3, according to the normal process in order to start the electrical equipment, when on a electric motor or other equipment since the start of the normal transportation equipment has reached the normal speed, the condition of normal time to go to the next launch electrical equipment.
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