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Matters needing attention in the use of mesh belt conveyor

by:YiFan     2021-06-21
The industrial level of our country is developing more and more rapidly, and the conveying machinery has also begun to make some improvements to better adapt to industrial production. The mesh belt conveyor is one of them. It has been improved on the basis of the traditional loading conveyor to better meet the multi-angle operation in a certain space. Although the operation of the improved mesh belt loading conveyor is more convenient and concise, some principled problems should be paid attention to. The following editor will talk to you about the precautions in the use of the mesh belt conveyor. 1. Before turning on the mesh belt conveyor, check whether the safety protection device of the transmission mesh belt and the sprocket is firmly installed. Check whether the connection of each line is loose or slippery, check whether the lubrication between the mesh belts meets the requirements, and if it does not meet the requirements, add lubricating oil immediately. 2. The mesh belt conveyor should be started in the order of starting, first open the material collection equipment, then start the mesh belt conveyor line, and finally start the feeding device. 3. Feed evenly during operation. When conveying materials, it should not be too much. Otherwise, it will be easily blocked and flow out of the machine, which will easily cause a derailment accident of the mesh belt. 4. During transportation, if any failure occurs, it needs to be shut down immediately for inspection and repaired by professionals. 5. Always check the tightness of the mesh belt and adjust the tightness at any time to prevent the mesh belt conveyor belt from slipping. 6. Keep the mesh belt conveyor clean and fill in the relevant usage records every day. 7. Before stopping the machine, stop the feeding equipment first, and then wait for the material on the loading conveyor belt to be cleaned before stopping the machine. The above are the seven precautions for the use of mesh belt conveyors. We must always pay attention to these points in industrial production. Only by doing these can we ensure the smooth operation of the machine without sudden failures and avoid troubles for the company. Mechanical technology is constantly being updated, and industrial equipment will be gradually improved, but their maintenance requirements are basically the same. As long as we pay attention to it, the machine will basically not be damaged. Everyone can operate the mesh belt conveyor correctly and reasonably, which will bring better benefits to the enterprise.
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