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Matters needing attention and maintenance when using vibrating feeder

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
When using the vibrating feeder, attention should be paid to its maintenance. When the vibrating feeder is used in the crushing operation, the horizontal installation can evenly feed the material to prevent the material from flowing by itself. It can continuously feed the viscous material by tilting it down 15 degrees. When in use, the two vibration motors should rotate in opposite directions. If the current is unstable, stop immediately, check the fixing of each bolt before using it, and tighten it if it is loose. When in use, check the amplitude of the vibration motor frequently, and stop immediately if there is an abnormality. The motor bearing is a key component of the vibrating feeder. Lubricating oil must be added every 2 months, once a month in summer, the motor must be disassembled and repaired once half a year, and the bearings must be replaced in time. Xinxiang Vibration Machinery is a manufacturer of vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, screw conveyors, vibrating motors, and lifting equipment. Users are welcome to discuss cooperation.
What preparations should be made before using shaftless screw loading conveyor
Shaftless screw loading conveyor is a kind of machine used for material transportation. Before using the machine, you must have a certain amount of preparation in advance. First of all, we have to make the necessary checks on the work of the previous day. When the machine is in use, there are certain records of the daily working status, so you must have a certain understanding of these records before using it, and see if anything happens when the machine is in use, so as to do Give some correct treatment. This is very important to us and cannot be ignored at all. Secondly, you need to understand the machine yourself before using it, so that you can start using the machine more smoothly. When some people start to work, they always check other people's work diaries and then they're done. They don't have some understanding of the machine, which is also prone to some errors. Before the shaftless screw loading conveyor is used, the necessary preparations must be completely done. These tasks seem to be very simple, but if you want to do it really well, it is not so simple and easy, so you must do these necessary Work preparation.
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