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Material lifting chain conveyor custom installation case

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-26
Material Lifting Chain Plate Manufacturer 1300mm, with universal brake wheel, movable, it belongs to a small movable chain plate climbing conveyor.

The conveyor belt is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, because the dregs itself contains water, in order to ensure that the corrosiveness does not rust, the frame chooses 201 stainless steel, the bottom parallel section is 1000mm, the climbing height is 1300mm, and the frame on both sides is 1000mm. 50mm above the loading conveyor belt, with a hopper at the bottom.

The chain plate conveyor belt is an important component of the conveyor, and its function is mainly used to transport materials. Its material can be made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

The stainless steel chain plate will be damaged when the material lifting chain plate loading conveyor runs for a long time or improper operation. At this time, whether it is to replace the mesh belt or reinstall it, it is recommended to follow the steps below conduct.

1. Turn off all power sources, remove the protective cover, loosen the assembly bolts of the motor, and then move the motor to loosen the mesh belt, which is convenient for removing the damaged mesh belt.

2. If the removed mesh belt chain plate has abnormal wear, it means that there is a problem with the transmission device, and then select a suitable mesh belt to prepare for replacement.

3. The stainless steel mesh belt should be cleaned first. At this time, pay attention to the first: do not use sandpaper to wipe the oil or dirt; second: do not choose to soak or wash directly in the detergent wipe. Both of these methods will cause damage to the stainless steel mesh belt.

I believe everyone understands the truth, that is, ordinary metals will expand and contract with heat, so stainless steel chain plates are no exception, so how much do you know about the details inside, let's take a look Look at it:

According to the relevant personnel of the stainless steel chain plate manufacturer, ordinary conveyor belts have hot brittleness when working at high temperature, and the same is true for stainless steel chain plates. The heat generated by the friction of the stainless steel chain plate during work, the thermal expansion coefficient of the stainless steel chain plate is different due to the different manufacturing process, when different materials are welded together, there is the possibility of thermal fatigue.

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