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Make full use of flexible screw conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-27
Due to its relatively low cost and simple structure, flexible screw conveyors are very popular among manufacturers. In these units, a screw (also called an auger) driven by a motor rotates inside a tubular housing. The screw is the only movable part.     Although the loading conveyor is simple and easy to implement, many end users ignore important factors, which may lead to performance degradation, excessive power consumption, severe wear and material degradation. To avoid such problems, all system parameters must be considered when selecting the loading conveyor option. Only in this way can you ensure the correct and successful installation and thus obtain the maximum operating efficiency.     screw mixer type. Screws usually have four configurations: flat wire / oblique wire / square rod / round wire. The basic principle of          flexible screw loading conveyor has a spiral spiral that rotates in a fixed pipe. Screw conveyors usually range from 2½ to 8 inches in diameter and can be used for horizontal conveyors up to 80 feet and inclines up to 60°. An 8-inch diameter device can handle 1,800 ft3/h at a speed of 360 rpm at a 45° angle. The      flexible screw is made of stainless steel and has a variety of configurations. When the screw rotates, it generates a directional force that causes the product to move through the tube. At the same time, it will generate centrifugal force, pushing the material to the tube wall.     When choosing any conveyor, the characteristics of the material to be conveyed are very important considerations. The flexible screw conveyor can move many types of materials, such as powder, crystals, flakes, granules, granules and irregular shapes. However, you still have to evaluate how the material affects the conveyor and how the conveyor affects the material.     For example, certain materials (such as sugar or salt) may create friction in a flexible screw conveyor. During transportation, this may cause some particles to be crushed, heated or broken. In addition, material friction will cause excessive load on the conveyor motor, increasing wear, and if not checked, it will eventually lead to failure. Otherwise, the actual conveyed materials may accumulate on the screw and cause it to stop running.
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