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Maintenance of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-04
There are different options for the material of the conveyor belt of the mobile conveyor. Now I will introduce you to the repair of the rubber belt of the mobile conveyor. Rubber repair fluid is very effective in repairing longitudinally torn rubber steel core tape, but it cannot be used as an adhesive. For local damage on the surface of the conveyor belt when the diameter is not more than 1/5 of the bandwidth, the loading conveyor belt still has sufficient overall strength and can be repaired with repair fluid without leakage. The purpose of surface treatment is to make the repair agent better bond with the loading conveyor belt skeleton. Grinding the breach into a 60-90 degree bevel and clean the surface is the key to successful repair. In operation, it is necessary to cut into different cutting grooves according to the damage condition. It is best to use a grinding wheel to polish and clean with a cleaning fluid (such as acetone). The real map repair agent of the mobile loading conveyor self-vulcanizes in the groove to obtain its physical and chemical properties and the bonding effect with the substrate. Generally, it is a few hours to a few days at room temperature. The first few hours are basic vulcanization, which can reach 70%-80% degree of complete curing, and it can reach 90% in one day or 24 hours. As the ambient temperature rises, the curing time is significantly shortened, so heat preservation or heating curing measures should be added during outdoor construction in winter. Adjust the glue to repair. Choose a liquid repair agent, mix the resin and the curing agent according to the proportion, stir evenly, and apply to the breach. Generally, the curing time is several minutes to ten minutes, and the repair work must be completed before curing. The groove should be larger so that the repair agent can stick the undamaged covering glue. For more information, please feel free to consult the machinery and look forward to serving you! There are complete types of mobile conveyors to meet your needs!
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