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Maintenance of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-25
Mobile conveyor is a time-saving and labor-saving conveying machine. Nowadays, the application field of mobile conveyor is more and more extensive. People are paying more and more attention to the rules for the use of mobile conveyors. In order for the loading conveyor to operate normally, the company's operators must strengthen daily maintenance and equipment management to reduce wear and tear and extend the operating cycle of the conveyor. When the belt loading conveyor with spiral tension or hydraulic tension is slipping, adjust the tension stroke to increase the tension. If sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough and the belt is permanently deformed, a section of the belt can be cut off and vulcanized again. .When using nylon belt or EP, the tensioning stroke is required to be longer. When the stroke is not enough, it can be re-vulcanized or increased the tensioning stroke to solve the problem. Material sprinkling at the reloading point The material sprinkling at the reloading point is mainly in the blanking hopper, guide trough, etc. For example, the belt conveyor is seriously overloaded, and the rubber skirt of the guide groove of the belt conveyor is damaged. The steel plate at the guide groove is designed to be far from the belt and the rubber skirt is longer to make the material rush out of the guide groove. The above situation can be solved by controlling the transportation capacity and strengthening the maintenance. It is a very pleasant thing to understand and learn about these devices with everyone. The company has always regarded the customer service very important, because the company's development does not depend on the customer's affirmation and support. . We have high-quality after-sales service and continuous improvement of product quality. Sales performance is the best recognition of our company's product quality by various industries. We sincerely invite you to serve you.
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