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Maintenance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-05
One of the most common faults when the belt conveyor is running is the deviation and slippage of the conveyor belt. There are many reasons for the deviation, the main reason is the low installation accuracy and poor daily maintenance. Today, the machinery will learn with you the causes of slippage and deviation of the belt conveyor belt, so as to better strain and solve this situation. 1. belt slippage and solutions 1. The initial tension is too small. Insufficient tension at the conveyor belt leaving the roller causes the conveyor belt to slip. This situation usually occurs at startup, the solution is to adjust the tensioning device to increase the initial tension. 2. The friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt is not enough to cause slipping. The reason for the rejection is mostly water on the conveyor belt or damp environment. The solution is to add some rosin powder on the drum. But be careful not to throw in by hand, and use blowing equipment to blow in to avoid personal accidents. 3. The rear roller bearing is damaged and does not rotate, or the upper and lower roller bearings are damaged and do not rotate too much. The cause of the damage is that the tail floats and sinks too much, and the damaged or inflexible parts are not repaired and replaced in time, which increases the resistance and causes skidding. 4. Too fast start-up speed can also cause slippage. It can start slowly at this time. If a squirrel cage motor is used, it can be started after two jogs, which can also effectively overcome the slipping phenomenon. 5. If the load of the conveyor belt is too large, it will slip if it exceeds the motor capacity. The advantage of slip at this time is to protect the motor. Otherwise, the motor will be burnt after a long time. But for operation, it is a slip accident. To overcome the slipping of the conveyor belt, the cause of the slip must be found first before effective measures can be taken. Second, the deviation of the conveyor belt and its treatment During the installation process, the head and tail rollers and the intermediate roller should be on the same centerline as much as possible and parallel to each other to ensure that the conveyor belt is not deviated or less deviated. In addition, the strap joints should be correct, and the perimeters on both sides should be the same. In the course of use, if there is a deviation, the following checks must be made to determine the cause and make adjustments. The frequently checked parts and treatment methods for the deviation of the loading conveyor belt are as follows: 1. Check the misalignment between the horizontal centerline of the roller and the longitudinal centerline of the belt conveyor. If the non-coincidence value exceeds 3mm, the long mounting holes on both sides of the roller set should be used to adjust it. The specific method is which side of the conveyor belt is biased, which side of the roller group moves forward in the direction of the conveyor belt, or the other side moves backward. 2. Check the deviation value of the two planes of the bearing seat of the head and tail frame. If the deviation of the two planes is greater than 1mm, the two planes should be adjusted in the same plane. The adjustment method of the head roller is: if the conveyor belt deviates to the right side of the roller, the bearing seat on the right side of the roller should move forward or the left bearing seat should move backward; if the conveyor belt deviates to the left side of the roller, then The bearing seat on the left side of the drum should move forward or the bearing seat on the right side should move backward. The adjustment method of the tail roller is just the opposite of that of the head roller. 3. Check the position of the material on the conveyor belt. If the material is not centered on the cross section of the conveyor belt, it will cause the conveyor belt to deviate. If the material deviates to the right, the belt deviates to the left, and vice versa. When in use, the material should be centered as much as possible. In order to reduce or avoid the deviation of this kind of loading conveyor belt, a baffle plate can be added to change the direction and position of the material.
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