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Maintenance measures for power roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-22
[Abstract] Although the power roller conveyor is a high-tech conveying equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the way of operation during work and pay attention to the lubrication of the various parts of the conveyor. Understanding the lubrication and maintenance of conveying machinery is the key to improving the production efficiency of enterprises. The power roller loading conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment. It uses the drive of the roller to push the material placed on the roller for transportation. According to the driving mode, there is a separate drive and a group drive. The separate drive device is easy to disassemble and form a group drive. The device is a set of rollers, which can reduce the cost of equipment for manufacturers. In the actual production, the power roller conveyor has a very wide range of applications, from the beverage and food industries in our daily life to the daily necessities and cosmetics industries, and then to the construction industry. The power roller conveyor is from the transportation of small pieces. There is a close relationship between the goods and the conveying of the finished goods, the process of completing the conveying materials and the sales of various products. Power roller conveyors are also called power roller conveyors. They are involved in a wide range of practical applications. Therefore, operators in various industries have different skills. As a professional manufacturer of power roller conveyors, machinery combines many years of technical experience. Summarize the following maintenance measures related to the power roller conveyor, so that operators in various industries can seek more efficiency for the enterprise. Power roller conveyor is a commonly used conveying machinery in the production industry. The normal work is the front bank that can make various industries profit. During the work of the power roller conveyor, the parts of the equipment should be regularly lubricated. Regular cleaning of conveyor accessories and daily basic maintenance. The power roller conveyor needs to pay attention to the working principle of the conveying equipment when lubricating the various components. The power roller conveyor is a common equipment. It is necessary to regularly lubricate the gear meshes, the oil holes of the seated bearings, and the movement units. Every shift must be done day after day, and the power roller conveyor belt is the most easily worn equipment in the work. When filling the power roller conveyor with lubricating oil, please be careful not to drop the oil on the belt. To prevent slipping and loss of rotation or premature damage to the belt, the reducer is an important component of the equipment among the working parts of the power roller conveyor. The reducer is strictly prohibited to run without oil. After the first 300 hours of operation, the interior of the machine must be cleaned and replaced. For new oil, change the oil every 2500 working hours thereafter. Although the power roller conveyor is a high-tech conveying equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the operation method during work. There are many precautions for the lubrication of the power roller conveyor components. Therefore, paying attention to the maintenance of the equipment during work is the front bank of normal operation. . The maintenance of power roller conveyor equipment mainly focuses on the lubrication of the various parts of the loading conveyor, and understands the lubrication and maintenance of the conveying machinery. For the production enterprise, production efficiency and quality are the keys to earning more profits, and have a direct impact on production. The power roller conveyor will have better stability. For a high-performance equipment, if you do not pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance, no matter how good the equipment is, there will be one or another failure, which will have a certain impact on the future production of the conveying equipment. The above is the lubrication and maintenance measures of the power roller conveyor explained by the machine. I hope that everyone can better understand the roller loading conveyor in order to achieve the ideal conveying efficiency in the production operation.
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