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Maintenance Instructions for Unpowered Roller Conveyor Lines

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-11

The author of Ningbo roller conveyor manufacturer YiFan will tell you about the maintenance and warranty of the unpowered roller conveyor assembly line today.

Care Instructions.

1. Introduction and Instructions for Use
Unpowered Roller Conveying Machine assembly line is a

Conveying equipment for the production line. The mechanical part of the roller conveyor assembly line is mainly composed of frame, roller conveyor and guide edge, etc.

Several parts. According to the product process requirements, the manual push and transfer are carried out to complete the required functions.


The maintenance of roller loading conveyor assembly line is divided into first-level maintenance and second-level maintenance.

(1) First-level maintenance
Daily maintenance is mainly completed by post workers and is carried out every day

①Check whether there are materials, tools and sundries stacked on the conveying line before going to work every day.

No effect on normal operation;
②After shutting down before get off work every day, clear all working areas of the conveyor due to the day's work

Various waste residues left during production.

(2) Secondary maintenance
Secondary maintenance

It should be carried out by a special person (special class) on a regular basis, usually once every one to two months.
①Check the roller conveying

Whether the machine is bent and dented;
②Check whether the roller conveyor installation rail is bent and deformed, the rail,

If the connecting screws of the bracket and other components are loose, adjust it;
③Check whether the roller loading conveyor rotates flexibly.

No obvious abnormal noise.

3. Lubrication
The mechanical moving parts of conveying equipment are kept in good condition

Lubrication is the basic premise to ensure the good operation and normal life of the conveying equipment. Lubricate the roller conveyor bearings of the unpowered roller conveyor assembly line monthly.

4. Safety precautions
(1) During the operation of the roller loading conveyor assembly line, do not put your hands , the feet extend between the roller conveyors

, otherwise, injury accidents may occur;
(2) It is forbidden to put tools and sundries on the assembly line;
(3) When placing the workpiece (tooling board) on the assembly line, it should be placed on the assembly line lightly The middle of the pipeline body, to avoid hard impact

Damage to the roller conveyor;
(4) Employees should be trained in safety knowledge before taking up their jobs.

Such as

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