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Maintenance belt conveyor need to pay attention to several questions

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-28
Belt conveyor is a kind of common conveyor equipment, often used in a variety of material conveying, bue, stable performance, etc. When we were in the use of belt conveyor, not only to ensure the normal working efficiency, the most important to guarantee the safety of the operator operation. Especially when maintenance, but also to do a good job in all kinds of protection to avoid safety accident. Below we to introduce several problems need to be aware of when the belt conveyor.     A, when maintenance the nose unloading drum section, coal block upper side must be strict.     Second, the conveyor during operation is prohibited to clean up the nose, tail roller coal and its nearby.     Three, on the conveyor maintenance, troubleshooting, or doing other work, must be closed conveyor control switch, put up warning signs, and press the stop button.     Four, when handling conveyor belt running deviation with hands, feet and other parts of the body are strictly prohibited to direct contact with the conveyor belt.     Five, often check conveyor roadway in fire and spray dust facilities, and keep in good condition.
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