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Maintenance and precautions of unpowered roller conveyor line under the introduction of YiFan

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-10-05

The unpowered roller loading conveyor line is a kind of conveying equipment applied to the automatic final assembly production line. Its mechanical part is mainly composed of frame, roller conveyor and guide edge. According to the product process requirements, the manual push and transfer are carried out to complete the required functions.

Maintenance of unpowered roller conveyor line
1, usually all equipment machinery Keeping moving parts well lubricated is to ensure the

Basic prerequisites for good operation and normal life of equipment.
2. Don't forget to add lubricating oil to roller conveyor bearings every month.
3, must be done

Regularly check whether the roller conveyor rotates flexibly and whether there is any abnormal sound;
4. Check whether there are materials and workmanship before production every day

Tools and sundries are stacked on the conveyor line; after the machine is stopped before the completion of each day, the working areas of the conveyor line shall be cleaned up due to the work of the day

Various waste residues.

Safety Precautions for the Use of Unpowered Roller Lines
1. Online During the operation of the body, it is forbidden to

Do not put your hands and feet between the roller conveyors, otherwise, injury accidents are likely to occur;
2. It is strictly forbidden to put tools and sundries on

On the line body;
3. When placing the workpiece (tooling plate) on the line, it should be placed lightly in the middle of the line body to avoid strong impact damage to the roller loading conveyor

4. Employees should pass the safety knowledge training and pass the safety knowledge training before taking up the job.

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