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Maintenance and maintenance of common grain storage and transportation machinery and equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-31
Grain processing plants, including rice mills, flour mills, oil mills, feed mills, starch mills, food and food factories, etc., use raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in large quantities and bulky materials. In the process of production and processing, various materials must go through several uninterrupted transportations, and different types of transportation machinery are used to ensure the continuous production. Whether the technical status of these conveying machinery is normal and whether the technical characteristics are good determines whether the production tasks can be completed with quality and quantity; it determines whether the labor intensity of the operation and management personnel can be reduced and the labor conditions can be improved; it also determines the production cost Whether it can meet national requirements and whether labor productivity can continue to increase. Maintenance methods for storage and conveying equipment: 1. Bucket elevator maintenance Bucket elevator is a kind of equipment that vertically transports granular and powdery materials. According to the difference between the feeding direction of the material and the rotation direction of the tail wheel, it can be divided into forward and reverse feeding methods. As for the feeding method, it depends on the process requirements. The maintenance methods are as follows: ① According to the requirements of the equipment instruction manual, add lubricating oil regularly. Calcium-based grease is used for rolling bearings. ②When replacing parts or overhauling the equipment, the equipment interlock should be released first to avoid accidents. ③Check the bucket and its fasteners once a month, replace them if they are damaged, and fasten the loose fasteners in time. ④ When shutting down for a long time, all residual materials in the machine should be removed. 2. Belt conveyor maintenance The belt conveyor is one of the most widely used continuous conveying machinery in grain warehouses, which can convey materials horizontally and inclined. It is characterized by simple structure, stable and reliable operation, large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, low energy consumption, low noise, and convenient operation and maintenance. 3. Maintenance of steering conveyor The steering loading conveyor is suitable for conveying, hoarding, and siloing bulk grains or other small particle materials. It is characterized by multi-point unloading, and it can reduce materials during siloing or hoarding. Natural grading, and because it can rotate within a certain range, the position can be flexibly adjusted during production operations. The maintenance methods are as follows: ① The conveyor belt should not be in contact with gasoline, diesel, or engine oil, and the loading conveyor belt should not be exposed to the sun or rain, so as to prevent the conveyor belt from being corroded, deformed, and affecting its service life. ② Motors and electrical equipment should be maintained and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual. ③Under normal circumstances, the conveyor should be repaired once every quarter, once in half a year, and once every two years. During the overhaul, all parts of the conveyor should be removed and cleaned, and the worn parts should be replaced. 4. Maintenance of air cushion conveyor The maintenance methods are as follows: ① Check whether there is any abnormality in the joint of the conveyor belt. If there is damage caused by cuts, cracks, etc., and other reasons, it should be repaired in time. ②Check whether the conveyor belt cleaning device is working properly, and adjust or replace it in time. ③Keep the rotation of each roller flexibly, and replace the non-rotating or damaged rollers in time. ④ It is necessary to adjust the deviation of the conveyor belt in time and keep the conveyor belt running on the center line. ⑤If the air-cushion belt conveyor is operated in the open air, attention should be paid to the repainting of the metal surface exposed outside the air chamber to prevent corrosion. ⑥ It should be adapted to check whether the air chamber hole is blocked. After running for a period of time, loosen the conveyor belt to blow out the dust in the air hole, and regularly check the inside of the air chamber to eliminate dirt and water. 5. Scraper conveyor The scraper conveyor is a machine that uses the movement of the scraper chain and the internal friction of the material to move the material forward in a closed groove. The maintenance methods are as follows: ① During operation, if there is any abnormal phenomenon of scratching, jamming, or bumping, stop and check in time. ②If there is material or dust leakage during operation, the gasket should be adjusted or replaced. ③Regularly check the broken chain protection device and pin positioning. If the chain is broken or disconnected, it should be shut down and repaired in time. In short, the quality of maintenance and maintenance of grain storage and transportation machinery is related to service life and safe production, and it is of great significance to improve the productivity of enterprises. The maintenance and maintenance methods are not limited to this. In addition to the methods described in this article, you should also pay attention to check more often to prevent problems before they occur.
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